The Vapor Armour™ System

Our revolutionary vapor barrier system creates an impermeable barrier between warm, cold, and frozen storage spaces. To seal the gap between the roof and wall, PVC membrane is set in adhesive, creating an enclosed envelope and preventing vapor drive between storage areas.

Improperly sealed facilities suffer from warm air invasion into their cold storage areas resulting in ice-buildup, increased energy and labor costs, and lost product.

Installing the patented Vapor Armour™ system will create the most energy efficient building envelope for your controlled warehouse space.

Truly Addresses Problems Associated With Refrigerated Facilities

  • Allows adequate expansion and contraction.
  • All materials are compatible.
  • Proven to eliminate interior condensation and ice formations.
  • Will absolutely improve energy efficiency.
  • Eliminates future costly repairs and replacement.

Vapor Armour™ has long-standing relationships with the leading cold-storage professional organizations.

“Don’t accept the expensive (and dangerous) industry “norm” of poorly sealed buildings. Vapor Armour™ is the real-world solution to a leaky building envelope. We’re committed to setting a new standard.”

Darryl McCrory – Vapor Armour