Respect from Industry Professionals

Vapor Armour™ has strong affiliations with the leading professional organizations in the cold-storage industry. We’re connected, and attuned to the unique challenges of our community.

Industry Affiliations



The Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association exists to enhance the professional development of industrial refrigeration operating and technical engineers. A RETA certification requires that members meet eligibility requirements and demonstrate knowledge of industrial refrigeration concepts, principles, and practices.

Download the 2015 RETA Conference PowerPoint Presentation given by Eric Finnerty at the 2015 RETA Conference.



The Global Cold Chain Alliance’s mission is to unite partners to be leaders in the temperature-controlled products industry. The cold chain refers to the temperature management of perishable products to maintain quality and safety from the point of harvest, to storage, and ultimately to the consumer.


A GCC Alliance partner, the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses promotes and supports excellence in the controlled-temperature warehouse and logistics industry by increasing the knowledge, effectiveness, and image of association members for the benefit of their customers and society.



The International Association of Cold Storage Construction supports the needs and interests of organizations involved in the construction of of cold storage facilities.

Download the IACSC PowerPoint Presentation given by President Eric Finnerty to the 2015 IACSC Conference and Expo

Download the Technical Paper given at various conferences and published in industry trade publications for a full breakout of FSMA law violations and a detailed case study complete with charts and images.