Expected Results after Vapor Armour™ Installation


Increased Efficiency

Installing Vapor Armour™ will seal your building’s envelope and eliminate the vapor drive that creates condensation and ice-buildup in cold-storage areas.

The improved envelope will reduce compressor run-time and save you thousands of dollars in energy costs.

Reduced Expenses

By eliminating condensation, Vapor Armour™ also eliminates ice buildup. Without ice-buildup, your added labor costs for ice elimination disappear and your product losses due to ice contamination are reduced.

Because Vapor Armour™ creates an efficient cooling environment, your equipment run-time decreases as does maintenance costs.


Vapor Armour™ is reusable and can be tied into future roof systems.

We Provide

Forensic Analysis:

      We’ll examine your facility and determine the extent of the building’s envelope deficiencies.

Construction Deficit Resolution:

      If we find a vapor drive problem, our skilled technicians can repair the building’s defects.

Project Supervision:

      If you have a contractor you already trust, we can supervise Vapor Armour™ installation and ensure warranty requirements are met.

Prevent or Cure Building Envelope Deficiencies:

      If you haven’t tested your building’s envelope, you could be losing thousands of dollars a day. Vapor Armour™ will solve vapor drive a seal your building up tight.

Eight Reasons to say “Yes” to Vapor Armour™


  1. 40% Decrease in air compressor run time.
  2. 30% Decrease in energy usage.
  3. No visible ice buildup.
  4. Less product loss due to ice contamination.
  5. Reduced labor costs to remove ice from freezer space.
  6. Reduced ammonia amounts required to maintain desired temperatures.
  7. Reduced labor for maintenance, filters, and HVAC.
  8. Vapor Armour™ is reusable and can be tied into future roof systems.

The trouble with vapor drive is that it’s invisible. Unless you see condensation or ice buildup, you don’t know you have dollars flying out of your building. I believe that, working together, we can dramatically reduce the Cold Storage Industry’s energy costs while also substantially reducing our carbon footprint.

Eric Finnerty – President, Vapor Armour