What Vapor Armour™ Does

Stop Vapor Drive

Common sense tells you to close all the windows and doors in your house before turning on your air conditioner, so why wouldn’t you ensure that there are no discontinuities in your cooler/freezer’s vapor barrier before going to temp?

Vapor Drive: The Invisible Thief

We’ve learned over the years that our customers don’t realize that vapor drive is robbing them blind. What is vapor drive? It’s simply the movement of humid air from one location to another. In temperature controlled environments, vapor drive results in drastically decreased energy efficiency and ultimately, condensation and ice buildup.

Why Unwanted Ice Forms in a Freezer

Ice formation and contamination is a universal problem in cold storage facilities.  Whenever there is a discontinuity in the vapor barrier, warm, moist air flows over the tops of walls, in from loading docks, and between freezer, cooler, and battery rooms. The warmer air condenses from vapor to water, then freezes, contaminating insulation and product, and creating a costly, ongoing cleanup project.




Save Money

How does improving your building envelope save money? Vapor Armour™ has a certified perm rating of .22. According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Heating Engineers (ASHRAE), a perm rating of 1.0 or less is considered impermeable to vapor.

Installing Vapor Armour will stop vapor drive and create a lower, consistent high-pressure suction and stabilize the air pressure in your cooler and freezer space. As a result, your load swing and kilowatt demand will fall.