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Why You’ll Never See a Subcontractor on a Vapor Armour Installation

Here at Vapor Armour, we’re in a unique position. We know that saying “we have no competitors” sounds  a bit cocky, but, over the past twenty years of being in this industry, it’s just true.

While Vapor Drive remains one of the largest challenges facing the cold storage industry, so far, we are the first, and only, permanent solution provider to bring our patented process to the market. That’s why we’re so confident in saying that we are the best – when you are the only, when you are also the first, you must be the best!~

But, to make sure that this doesn’t become a hollow promise that is only true due to lack of competition, we work extremely hard to set, maintain, and improve upon the highest possible standards. This is why we insist on only sending out our personally trained Vapor Armour technicians to assess your problem, and install the Vapor Armour compression seal system.

For us to offer a warranty on every installation of our Vapor Armour product, we have to be certain that the exacting technical standards required are met on every installation, every time. To prove our success, we’ve not installed our solution in over 20 million square feet of cold storage facilities, both retrofits and new construction, and across the board, the effectiveness of our process has been proven.

So, how do we provide such a high level of service?

We believe this must start with our people. They are the secret sauce in our Vapor Armour installation.

It starts from the moment of recruitment. Here at Vapor Armour, we make a commitment to providing more than just jobs for our people, we give them the opportunity to build a career with us. So, we start by making every single team member a full-fledged employee of the Vapor Armour company, without using any subcontractors.

To do this, we must ensure the best pay and benefits package in the industry. So we start with a paycheck that is more than 25% above living wage standards from the very beginning, and put in place one of the most generous raise structures in construction. Each team member is evaluated on either a six or twelve month cycle, depending on their performance. For those who want to progress, a raise is possible twice a year, every year.

Then we stack up the dollar bills. Our minimum pay raise is 3%, for those who show initiative, 5%, and for those who really take ownership, and step into leading, 7%, meaning a worker at Vapor Armour, has the potential to earn up to a 14% annual raise. We think that’s pretty fair.

While we know our people show up every day for the money, the same as the owners do, we also know they have a lot of other needs that can best be met in a benefits package, that adds a a minimum 30% value on top of the generous pay. Our workers can hope to have their entire family medical insurance paid by the company after three years of service, while we pay for  them, then their spouse, in the first two years.

On top of this, we have a great contribution matching program – we match their 401(k) contribution , up to 4% of their pay. Which means, if they pay into their 401(k) we match the first 4%.  We also offer free college tuition to those who are willing to continue working for us, as long as they can earn passing grades, up to a bachelor’s degree.

This is what we put on the table for new hires, every single new team member. We only recruit from construction trades, looking for capable, motivated workers, who understand tools, and materials. Then we educate them. This starts with in house classroom instruction on the technical aspects of vapor drive, and the Vapor Armour process, and moves into the field.

A new worker can expect to be a safety officer on a job site, meaning they make sure everyone is tied into safety harnesses when on a roof, has the correct support, and the tools they need, as well as maintaining a neat, safe work environment. This gives them the opportunity to observe the process, while being a part, and collecting wages that would rival supervisor pay in many parts of the construction industry, right from the beginning.

From there, they will be given hands on, supervised training in every facet of our installation process. We’ve developed in-house training materials to be studied offsite to ensure that every single part of the job is fully understood. The goal is to build every single team member into a potential team leader, with all the benefits that entails. The process takes about two years, for those who work hard and are ready for responsibility.

While we encourage advancement and we are always looking to expand with new team leaders, we know that some workers just want a steady paycheck, and for them, we provide the same great benefits, potential raises, and job security.

So, besides customer service, why do we go to this much trouble in an industry like commercial construction, that frequently treats work force as an expendable, replaceable commodity? We’ve put our name on the line. No installation of Vapor Armour will be considered complete until it meets that standard. There’s a bit of a selfish motivation behind it. In addition to our commitment to our people, Vapor Armour was built on the understanding that we wanted to provide the single best permanent solution for our clients possible, and we made sure we’d have to do that to stay in business.

We warranty every single Vapor Armour seal installation for 15 years. When we install the roofing, insulation and Vapor Barrier, we warrant that building envelope for  20 years, . That means that every time we walk away from a completed installation, we’re leaving behind a promise that for the next  20 years, at our expense, we will repair, or replace, any part of our system that fails, and cover any area that was protected by the Vapor Armour system against roof leaks, insulation contamination, condensation,  or icing.

Not only will we warranty that installation cost to you, should it fail, but our system pays for itself in average of three years in energy savings. That means we’re not only saying we won’t take any money out of your pocket to fix it, but our system can help you put money in to add to your bottom line.

Here’s a case study we did for a client that shows the results you can expect to get. (citation) We’d love to hear from you when you’re ready to schedule a free forensic assessment of your situation.



We offer the industry’s only 15 year ‘No Ice. No Condensation. No Cost.’ Warranty for all thermal-controlled building that install Vapor Armour™, DOW Deckmate™ Plus Insulation and a roofing system installed by Royalty Roofing