Vapor Armour™ Case Studies

Vapor Armour™ isn’t a theoretical product. It’s real-word tested, with proven, money-saving results throughout the cold-storage industry.

Download the Technical Paper given at various conferences and published in industry trade publications for a full breakout of FSMA law violations and a detailed case study complete with charts and images.

Here are a few of our satisfied customers:

Heleco Distribution – Portland, Oregon

In 1999, Heleco Distribution’s 100,000 sq. ft. freezer facility was so corrupted by ice infiltration, the company nearly tore the building down. Instead, they installed Vapor Armour™. 30,000 of the facility’s square footage was shored up with steel I-beams. Rotten decking and sub-structure were relaced, and Vapor Armour™ was installed. To date, the facility has suffered no further structural damage, ice buildup has ceased, the Heleco’s monthly electric bills have dropped by over $8,600 per month.

Cooler/Freezer Facility – Woodburn, Oregon

Within two hours of completing an interior and exterior Vapor Armour™ application of a 100,000 sq. ft. cooler, two of the facility’s three air-compressors shut down because they were no longer needed to cool the building’s improved envelope. There has been no ice-buildup since the Vapor Armour™ installation and no structural damage.